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- Historic Brunswick, Georgia ~ A City for All Seasons! -


Brunswick is a city rich in history.

Mark Carr, captain in General James Oglethorpe’s company and the first European settler arrived in here in 1738. Upon landing, Carr established “Plug Point”, the 1,000 – acre tobacco plantation along Turtle River.

The Royal Province of Georgia purchased Plug Point in 1771 and was first named in honor of the ancestral birthplace of English King George III: Braunschweig, Germany. The City of Brunswick is laid out in traditional British fashion with a grid-like street pattern interspersed with pleasant squares and green parks. The original town plans remains in place today, with our English heritage reflected in the historic names of many of our streets and squares: Prince, Newcastle, Hanover, London, Norwich, George, Dartmouth and Gloucester.

During the Civil War, the City of Brunswick was abandoned when citizens were ordered to evacuate. Similar to most southern cities, Brunswick suffered from a post-war depression, but naval stores and timber created a building boom.

When World War II hit, there came a call for both male and females to construct and launch over 99 Liberty ships from the J.A. Jones Shipyard and were an integral part of the American war effort.

Present Day
Today Brunswick continues to flourish as a coastal city. With its deep-water terminal at Mayor’s Point, Colonel’s Island and Marine Point, as well as shrimp boats that travel up and down the coast, Brunswick provides a coastal haven for all that live and visit here.

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