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To provide an environment that is welcoming to our citizens at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in the collection of ad-valorem taxes and non-ad valorem taxes.

The City of Brunswick has prepared this site to offer taxpayers an overview and detailed information about the new property tax collection process for city residents.

Contact Information
Tina Edwards, Tax Collection Specialist
601 Gloucester St
Brunswick, GA 31520
Email: tedwards@cityofbrunswick-ga.gov

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Updated 10.5.2018

When will I receive a property tax bill and when is payment due?

Property tax bills will be mailed once the tax digest is certified by the state and the payment due date is specified on the bill. If you do not receive a bill by December 20th, you can contact the tax department by mail, phone or email.

Where can I pay my property taxes?

Payments should be mailed: To Attention of Tax Department, PO Box 550, Brunswick, GA 31521 or for your convenience you may pay your property tax bills in person at City Hall, 601 Gloucester Street. Convenient DROP BOXES are located outside the front and rear entrance of City Hall, 601 Gloucester St. You may pay taxes by e-check or credit card on-line at brunswickpayments.com. A 3% fee will apply.

Do you accept or acknowledge postmarks as timely filing for exemptions or payment of property taxes?

Yes, we honor mail with a U.S. Government Post Office postmark dated by midnight of the payment/filing deadline. Metered postage dates are not accepted as proof of timely filing.

Is there a penalty charge for late payment?

Taxes not paid by the due date will accrue a 5% penalty plus additional interest each month until paid in full.

Can the interest and penalty be waived if I did not receive a bill?

No. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you of the responsibility to make payment by the due date. If you did not receive a tax bill, a copy of your bill is available on this website or you may contact our office through this website, by phone or visit one of our locations to obtain a copy of your bill.

Does the Tax Commissioner's Office accept partial payments?

No. We will not accept partial payments on your tax bill. You have a least 60 days to pay your tax bill before penalties and interest accrue on the unpaid balance after the due date.

If I did not own my home for the full year, can my taxes be prorated?

No, the Tax Commissioner does not prorate taxes or become involved in the proration of taxes between a seller and buyer. Taxes are calculated for the entire year. Liability for taxes is established during the closing of the sale of property; the purchaser assumes this liability. Your closing paperwork will reflect who is responsible for the payment of taxes. Since taxes legally attach to the property, the current owner should ensure that taxes are paid.

My mortgage company pays my tax bill; can you mail my bill to the mortgage company?

If taxes are paid from an escrow account and the mortgage company notifies this office, the tax bill is sent to both the homeowner and the mortgage company; however, it remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the bill is paid. If your mortgage company has recently changed and not reflected accurately on the bottom of your bill, you should send a copy of the bill to the new company.

Can I pay my taxes without a tax bill coupon?

Yes. Note the parcel ID number on your check or money order or attach a copy of your bill available on this website.

How can I change my mailing address on my tax bill?

You can complete the change of address form and email, mail or fax the form to our office.

I closed my business or no longer own personal property (boat, airplane, business inventory, equipment, furniture and fixtures). Do I have to pay taxes?

If the business closed or the property was sold after January 1 in the current tax year, the tax is due. Taxes are assessed as of January 1 for the entire tax year. If the property closed or sold after January 1, you must notify the Glynn County Board of Assessors at 912-554-7093.

When does a Fi. Fa. (Tax Lien) go on the property?

After the last day of payment of taxes the City of Brunswick Tax Department will notify the taxpayer in writing that the taxes are outstanding and unless paid within thirty (30) days, an execution (Fi. Fa.) will be issued in accordance with O.C.G.A. 48-3-3.

When, where and what time is the tax sale?

Tax levy sales are held on the first Tuesday of each month. If Tuesday falls on a holiday, the sale will take place on the first Wednesday. The sale is held at City Hall, in the meeting room of the city commission between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

How can I appeal my property?

If you feel your property value is not reflective of the fair market value, you may file an appeal with the Glynn County Tax Assessors Office. Please refer to their web site at www.glynncounty.org for more information.

If I appeal my property value, do I have to pay my property taxes while under appeal?

Yes, you must pay at least the appeal amount specified by The Tax Assessor’s office. If a tax bill is issued before the county board of tax assessors, they shall specify to Tax Commissioner of the city the lessor of the valuation in the last year for which taxes were finally determined to be due on the property or 85 percent of the current year’s value. Depending on the circumstances of the property, this amount shall be the basis for a temporary tax bill to be issued. You may elect to pay the full amount of the bill by the due date to avoid paying interest. (O.C.G.A. 48-5-311(iii)(I)).

What is the current millage rate?

Click here for a complete list of the City’s millage rates.

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